I miss the sea…

I was looking at a contest Nikon had and its winners.  This picture was taken by Rikki Mendias, an advocate for the homeless.  He took this picture as part of his series and it just took my breath away.

The quote that is with it speaks to me too. When I hear the waves and smell the sea air, and feel the breeze… I don’t know. I just… everything just washes away. The worry, the bills, the anxiety, the sadness, the loneliness… It is the place where I feel most connected to God. Where I can say to myself “I know that I know that I know, He is here.”

I miss it so much.

OceanSunsetFBThis is a photo I look when I visited Europe. I had wanted to start taking pictures and so I named myself TrueHartPhotography and was posting for a while and then I got tired. Anyhow… this is the sun setting in Italy. Isn’t it gorgeous?

I miss the sea.


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