Dog Park

I finally took Nola to the dog park yesterday after work. We were there for almost 3 hours! It was such a beautiful evening and I just didn’t want to leave. It felt so good to be outside and feel the sun and the breeze. And watching my little furbaby running around always makes me happy.

I mean seriously, how does one go to the dog park and be sad? Or mad? Everyone, well mostly everyone, is friendly and happy. And there are DOGS! They are the best part. They come up, give you a hello lick, ask for a scratch and then go play. Five minutes later another one comes up to you. It is the best! Yesterday that was a super cute ChiWeenie that looked like a bunny leaping about. SUPER CUTE!

Anyhow, of course, I was outside and I was in nature so I was able to get some shots. I actually took several but these three were my favorites.


(Photo credits: C. Gines)


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