It has been awhile…

Things have happened but I want to get back to it. I found this jem and I had to share.

Hope everyone is ok!

(photo credit: Carolina Gines)


Two Things

First, the seagull.  The little seagull is special. Why? Because he was in a fountain in the middle of Rome! Now, I realize that Rome is not THAT far away from the sea… but according to this map, it is still a ways away. Personally, I think he was confused. However, he did not seem upset about it… Or the people that were amused by him.

geographical_map_italyI thought to myself, “Man, this guy is confused. There’s no ocean around here.” But he was pretty content in his fountain.  He provided delight to all who saw him. It was definitely a highlight during my first trip to Europe.


CIMG1549Secondly, I have started another blog. Go check it out: Let me know what you think.

Dog Park

I finally took Nola to the dog park yesterday after work. We were there for almost 3 hours! It was such a beautiful evening and I just didn’t want to leave. It felt so good to be outside and feel the sun and the breeze. And watching my little furbaby running around always makes me happy.

I mean seriously, how does one go to the dog park and be sad? Or mad? Everyone, well mostly everyone, is friendly and happy. And there are DOGS! They are the best part. They come up, give you a hello lick, ask for a scratch and then go play. Five minutes later another one comes up to you. It is the best! Yesterday that was a super cute ChiWeenie that looked like a bunny leaping about. SUPER CUTE!

Anyhow, of course, I was outside and I was in nature so I was able to get some shots. I actually took several but these three were my favorites.


(Photo credits: C. Gines)

I miss the sea…

I was looking at a contest Nikon had and its winners.  This picture was taken by Rikki Mendias, an advocate for the homeless.  He took this picture as part of his series and it just took my breath away.

The quote that is with it speaks to me too. When I hear the waves and smell the sea air, and feel the breeze… I don’t know. I just… everything just washes away. The worry, the bills, the anxiety, the sadness, the loneliness… It is the place where I feel most connected to God. Where I can say to myself “I know that I know that I know, He is here.”

I miss it so much.

OceanSunsetFBThis is a photo I look when I visited Europe. I had wanted to start taking pictures and so I named myself TrueHartPhotography and was posting for a while and then I got tired. Anyhow… this is the sun setting in Italy. Isn’t it gorgeous?

I miss the sea.

Been a while…

It has indeed been a while. The thing is that I keep wanting to be inspired by the ocean or at the very least water. How my soul longs for the sea! 

But to see to the ocean would take a 2-3 hr drive that I don’t want to take by myself. So I haven’t posted. I may have to start digging into my archives. 

I read my fellow bloggers sites and see the gorgeous photos they have posted and I think to myself “Must get back into the groove! Think outside the box. Find water!” 

Instead, this week has only yielded this flower. Don’t know what it is. But I’m going to try harder to keep my eyes opened. The pictures are out there… Waiting to be shared. I just have to find them. 

If you look… You will find it. 

Remember how I said that I was redirecting my blog but it might be a little hard because I don’t really live near water?

I was looking through the pics on my phone and was reminded that if you look, you will find it.

This was taken during a community service project to remove graffiti that we participated in with our students. We were painting the walls of a drainage ditch. And we found this guy. 

Let this be a reminder to me that even though I don’t live near water, I always find ways to experience it. 

(Photo credit: Assistant Director at my job)