Springtime in Texas

Ahhh spring! Here in Texas we know when it is spring because the Bluebonnets come out. And then we know when it is summer because they all disappear.

So today after church, as I was driving home I noticed that the Bluebonnets were out… but guess what I found? A pink Bluebonnet! I didn’t know those existed! And it’s not an Indian Paintbrush. I have included a picture of that.

I haven’t touched these up… decided to just post them.

I love Spring.

This is an Indian Paintbrush.


And this is the pink Bluebonnet that I found.

IMG_0701IMG_0699 IMG_0698(Photo credits: Carolina Gines except for the Indian Paintbrush, which is unknown.)


Repurposing… and Rain

So I am re-purposing my blog. I mean if you read my title and my header, you know I am a lover of the ocean. Yet my blog is kinda all over the place. So I am redirecting. I am hoping to put more pictures of nature and eventually more pictures of water and the ocean. This is hard to do because I don’t live anywhere near water, but I am going to try. Yes, there will still be random pictures… Like when I watched The Normal Heart and I had to share. And Nola will still show up from time to time but I am going to try and keep it to a minimum.

I also have been not so good with Blogging 101. Though I appreciate all the people I have met, and the blogs that I have had the pleasure of finding, and the people reading my blog, once the widgets started, I was lost. Super lost. Also, I think that was a really bad run-on. Anyhow, at least I know what I want my blog to be about.

So it has been raining a lot here. And in an effort to redirect my blog, I took some pictures. I don’t know what I was trying to get…I think I was trying to show the water drops but came back with nine pictures… All the same but yet slightly different.   Feedback is always appreciated. Just be gentle with me… I am not a professional and I am sensitive. 🙂

DSCN0845 DSCN0847 DSCN0848DSCN0851 DSCN0852 DSCN0853 DSCN0854 DSCN0855(Photo credits: Carolina Gines)

The Normal Heart

I am so bad at blogging! Not that I have that many followers, but still. I am super bad at it. The problem is that I was impacted so much by this movie and I wanted to share it with everyone but I couldn’t find the right images. And then once I did, life got in the way.

So here we go…

I watched this movie, “The Normal Heart”. The film stars Mark Ruffalo, Matt Bomer, Taylor Kitsch, Jim Parsons, Alfred Molina, Joe Mantello, Jonathan Groff, and Julia Roberts. It is about the AIDS epidemic that happened in NYC during the 1980s. I am not going to give much away except for the fact that it shines a light on an serious issue in our history and the cast is brilliant. I was so incredibly moved by it; it stayed with me for days.

Love is love. It is not my job to judge anyone or tell anyone who they should or should not love. I believe that as a Christian, my job is to love my fellow man. No matter what. You can try fighting with me on it, but I am not budging on this.

In any event, I found this little leaf in the shape of a heart. And I found this strange flower with hearts… Love is everywhere, and God shows it to us in the littlest of places. We just have to be open to it. Finally, I tossed in some pictures of examples of love, pictures that I found that moved me. That make my heart feel full. Everyone is capable of loving and being loved, please remember that.


(Photo credits: Carolina Gines)

(The same gender couples’ pictures were taken by Braden Summers, with the exception of the Neil Patrick Harris picture, which is unknown. The rest of the pics are unknown.)

vulnerable copy twin love copyold love copy ocean copy nph copy love rain copy2014-06-52e5fa3c4682f-752x451(Photo credit for the above picture is unknown.)

enhanced-buzz-wide-17931-1392314585-11 enhanced-buzz-wide-17756-1392314665-23enhanced-buzz-wide-16517-1392315355-15 enhanced-buzz-wide-17786-1392314803-11enhanced-buzz-wide-16674-1392314947-13enhanced-buzz-wide-31820-1392314585-11

Through the Eyes of a Fish

So, I have skipped a few days. This whole quest to post a picture a day is slightly slowed down when you are not feeling well. Add the frustration of not being able to change the colors of your blog and you tend to want to take a break.

But I am back. I have tried different themes, I have tried different colors… And I like the theme I have and I don’t have money to buy the different colors.

We press on.

Today is a three pic day if I can figure this out correctly. The first, the featured picture, is the view of the sky from underneath the water in our complex pool. It was taken this past summer. I imaged that this is somewhat what a fish sees when they look up, but of course, they are super brilliant and can see in water. In any event, I thought the picture turned out really well.  You can see the sky and the trees but you get the sense that they are so close, just above the surface. So close you can almost touch them, just from your little spot.

The second picture, the bestie took. I just like it. It’s my legs in the water. It’s me at home. What’s not to like? And the third? Again, I am at home. Man, I wish it was summer already so I could be in water.legs copylove copy

(Photo credits: Carolina Gines and MistressofStorms aka The Bestie)

Just an aside… Nola’s Love Knows No Bounds

I am sitting here with my lovely roomie, watching The Big Bang Theory and trying to d0 my assignment for Blogging 101 when Nola climbs on top of me. Please ignore the horrible picture of me. Let’s focus on the issue at hand.There is a lot of space around here. A LOT. But where does she decide to sit? She picks where she can be the closest to mom, because she must be close to mom.

Her love truly knows no bounds. None.

Thank God! 😉

(Photo credit: The Roomie)